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Just damn in a bad way
Posted:Jun 22, 2018 10:22 pm
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2018 1:5 am
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My son has completely messed up my game this week! He either didn't go to mechanic school or came home early preventing me from having company. He was cranky as hell thus week too. Annoying. He needs to graduate and move out and quit all the belly aching about what I fix etc. At least I still coon for him. He has arms and legs he could take care of himself! Geez! Busted butt on deliveries. Wasn't too bad. Made 161 off 28 this week. Most were close by. Most didn't tip. GPS only got me lost three times. Last one I did was a giant pain in the ass. Took me all the way to far plano to pick up an order to deliver it to far Richardson where I got stick in terrible construction traffic twice. Huge pain. However when I picked up the food at tastes of the islands I heard the music playing and saw what looked like a dance floor and signs for upcoming events and it made me wish I was just there to hang out and see what happened later on but after that delivery I was wiped out and ready to get away from any and all other drivers. After that I just cooked and did some reading fell asleep at nine. Today is two job day again. So driving is on hold for today. I made more this week than any other in a week so far. No Mckinney ones this week. I guess if I wanna steer clear of traffic and not real close deliveries I gave to not do any after 4 pm or on Sundays because so far those were the farthest and the worst I've had distance wise. I get pulled from Allen to go way out to frisco or Richardson. Either everyone else is busy or done for the day. My rating went down twice today. Yuck. I so wanted to see j again this week. Maybe next week I hope. My son gets out of school 29th and is talking of going on vacation away somewhere for a week. Yay need that! Then he needs to get a damn job. His bills won't pay themselves and I can't! He refused to work and go to school and save the va money he got for going to school and live off work money. At least he's been paying his bills and gas and car stuff. I took myself to lunch at Italian villa about two. It was yum. The driving has been quite a pain and different story than it was when school was still in session. Constant traffic now when people want stuff delivered. Before there seemed to be more deliveries early morning and less traffic all day till 3 30 anyways. Guys on fetlife bugging me again. Telling me that I work too much and they want to play with me and pamper me. Yep, heard that before. Wasn't impressed then either. I was hopeful back then though but guys idea of pampering me is me buying the food and them grilling it then keeping all the left overs and repeating again next time and being all PDA and crushing me to death I felt like the critter that was squeezed to death in that cartoon how George will be loved and hugged and squuezed to death. Haven't met a guy yet that knows what pampering a woman is or one that wants to give me a massage and is good at that either. All just lines so far. Damn I was gullible. Back to bed.
This weather sucks
Posted:Jun 21, 2018 1:23 am
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2018 1:5 am

Keep getting stuck in storms. Oh well. Been so busy and tired too. I've done a lot of deliveries. Luckily a lot less of the wait all day for them to cook my order ones. I have one lady I deliver to at least three times a week. Here's what I don't get. Every time I deliver she feels the need to say "I'll take care of you, or I'll tip you well" lies of course so why say it. She never does. What would really help is good ratings for all the times the food isn't ready so I don't get in too much trouble when the impatient customer doesn't get their food quick enough because I can get deactivated for too many thumbs down or complaints. It finally went back up to 89%. Yay. Most of the deliveries have been to teens or people at their jobs that can't get away. I roll my eyes and say good god everyone I see that one lady's name pop up. She's at a different house location every time too. Interesting. I think I have another that I see at least once a week he's great! I took an uber class the other night, 201 before 101 because that's the order in which scheduling was available. I did learn something. My ex play mate uber drives now. He emailed me and I suggested meeting to talk thinking that's why he emailed. He was driving though and by the time he responded I was too. I prefer deliveries. They are close usually. I got a warm delivery bag. That helps. It's bigger than the foil one I had. They gave me a decal and a pair of shades. Debating on if I should go tonight. She said she was recapping us on 101. I don't think it will hurt to go so I probably will. It's not like I deliver at that time too much traffic. I steer clear of traffic jam times. Here we can uber drive or uber eats delivery or both but when I went to Houston I was told she had a friend who did it and was told they have to do both there or not at all and she didn't like her car smelling like food so she stopped. I'd rather my car not smell like vomit personally. I've had a few friends that uber drove and people barfed in their cars or fucked in their cars. Good grief! Anyways I woke to go pee and I'm wide awake now. My son didn't go to mechanic school day before yesterday. He and his buddy show up here telling me what they were up to. Dumb kids! Why do they think boredom justifies being ignorant? His buddy told me he wrecked his car. I was told so many stories about how that I got confused. I think they are getting pulled over more and more and learning from their mistakes but they act like they have no common sense at all. They tell me what they did and I'm like well that was dumb. You can get arrested for that it's called blah blah blah, etc. What are they thinking? I think it's more that they aren't thinking. They need to go to school and work and chill out and quit using boredom as an excuse to be stupid. When they get questioned by cops but didn't do anything but the buddies did I go into my lecture mode. We don't be there then. You get in as much trouble for being there as if you did whatever was done wrong. They don't get it. I told my son the minute they do something stupid walk away or if you think they will leave. Don't be in that! Why can't they think like me? Consider all the consequences first. If there are any don't do it! I know when I do that I stay out of trouble. When I don't listen to that voice uh oh I wonder up in piles of trouble. Lately my problem isn't listening to my inner voice its listening to the gps lol.
Posted:Jun 19, 2018 11:23 am
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2018 9:56 pm

Did a few deliveries and some reading. I was gonna take a nap. Got some texts from j who asked what I was doing. I told him I was going to lay down. I laid down then my feet got cold and I reached to ground to get a blanket and I jumped when I found j laying there. He said he was gonna let me sleep. I saw a naked chest under the blanket and needed to investigate for naked other parts. Yep. Completely naked. Yay. I told him to get on bed with me after I played with his nipples and ass cheeks a bit. He went for a shower. When he came back I moved and motioned for him to lay down. He did. He had a toy in his hand. Said he was ready. Lol. He's the best. I told him he couldn't I was still going through my girl shit. He said he could do it through my clothes n he did. I felt myself puddling down there. I sucked him. He told me to massage his balls so I did that too. He starts saying fuck fuck yeah drain that cock. Eye roll. I was gonna anyways lol. Then when he was done I was horny so I played with myself with my clothes on. It took two bullets n a dildo. He watched the bullet part briefly. So I got play but he got more and better play. Guess he's worth it. Work was good last night. Been so tired. Not sleeping great. Did a lot of deliveries today. I have an uber class later. My percentage went up. Guess I'm faster n better. Trying not to drink much so I don't need to pee a lot. My phones been a pain so I factory reset like my son told me to and it works great now.
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Nothing fun!
Posted:Jun 17, 2018 5:07 pm
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2018 11:23 am

Happy fathers days to you dads and to you moms who got to be mom and dad over the years. Hope you have a great day. Been working my butt off. Took a break from driving today. Did my first person delivery yesterday it went OK. Making my son wings and potatoes for later. We had a pkg stolen and apts found box with four other bags of trash and cigarette butts and assumed it was ours and left us a fine note. Good grief! I spoke to her and asked her if she remembered that I had told her about pkg and asked if it was at office and that I dont dump my trash wherever I take it to dumpster. She said she wouldn't fine me. Hope they find the pkg stealing trash dumpers so they can'quit blaming me. A guy at work told me they have sweet tea with vodka at pluckers. Now I'm dying to go try it and have a fried Twinkie and queso philly steak sub while I'm there. My ex playmate has contacted me twice this week just to chat by email. I've scheduled two uber classes for this week hope I learn something.
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Posted:Jun 14, 2018 12:42 pm
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2018 5:09 pm

Well last nights at job at transferred location. Piece of cake. Hot as hell in there but it went well. Been driving up a storm and started early today but then I got a first notice that my percentage rate is only 86% and I have to keep it 85. Well damn. Most of the complaints are I arrive late. Well yeah shit happens when you are in plano or Mckinney and the place making your food is still working on it or ing a long line of people when the delivery driver gets there. Instead of waiting for it maybe I should just cancel and leave if the customers can't understand food has to be cooked then driven there! Ridiculous. I was gonna drive all say but after that I said fuck it I'm d for today n tomorrow. Maybe I'll feel like doing it some Sat morning. The thing with some of the restaurants is food is never ready then I go to online pickup sign and still get to wait behind a line of twenty people they are in no hurry. They wait till delivery driver gets there to even start order. Sonic which wich mcdonalds and IHOP are the worst. Just gonna read and nap. I thought today's went fairly well except the last I couldn't find. Some complaints about me not going to door if they would keep their pants on and let me get the food and get out of the car I do. Geez. No patience at all!
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Woo hoo
Posted:Jun 11, 2018 4:18 pm
Last Updated:Jun 12, 2018 4:20 am
Worked my ass off driving today. By two I was pooped. I had only taken two short breaks. I had helped my son print his resume and to eat. J started texting me. By the time he got here I was horny and wearing my skirt and blouse missing my bra and panties. He sat by me. I starting playing with his cock with my hand. It grew fast. Then he moved me so he could play with my kitty and make it wet. Then he moved me again and was frenching me. I was thrilled. He usually moves when I try to kiss him. He said frenching made me really wet. Well yeah! If he did it more often he would have figured it out sooner. Then he played with my clit and fucked my kitty with his hand. He made me cum with that while I sucked him. Finally I climbed on him and came again. It was so good I needed to catch my breath and my legs were jelly. Just awesome! Now I need a nap.

What is up!
Posted:Jun 10, 2018 6:45 pm
Last Updated:Jun 11, 2018 4:18 pm

Finally done managing night job transferring to closer store to just cashier. Finally less stress. Delivering yesterday and day before was piece of cake. Lots of traffic yesterday but all close by. This morning the no traffic was great but the from Allen to plano then back to Allen to Mckinney then back to Allen and to plano was a giant pain. I'm guessing that there were drivers yesterday so only close was needed and that the others drivers took today off. I can tell when I'm one of the few drivers out there because I have constant work but all over the damn place. Day job work was OK but they only schedule me two days a week so been driving more. I just realized the adult reading program is going on again. Yay. They give prizes for reading and I read a lot! Finally got my new schedule for new store transfer. That's all here really. Nothing fun again yet!
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Posted:Jun 8, 2018 2:46 pm
Last Updated:Jun 9, 2018 8:48 pm

The deliveries were quick fast and sweet and close by. I got to stay in allen. Yay. Early morning my son woke me slamming doors and being all pissy because he had a flat tire on way home from hanging out with his buddy. I spent most of day totinf him to and from place to fix tire, waiting with him, taking him to run errands and etc, but I was excited to get in three easy drives. The last few days I drive they were a pain in the ass. Tomorrow I hope to drive and go grocery shopping. Tomorrow night is last night at night job until I transfer. I called the other store and its a wait on hr so whatever! I can always drive till dark no biggie. Last night after work was a pain. I wanted food. Couldnt get service at dominoes, I pull up to subway, they see me and lick door, then I go to dennys. I wait forever to be seated to order to eat then to pay. There was some drama going on over a waitress being late so mine didn't give a shit about me. When I paid I told her I didn't get much help as I already ripped her three dollars anyways. She said sorry but other girl was late. It wasn't my fault why did I have to suffer no service entire time I had her or when she went missing a while. The food was good once the cook figured out well done didn't mean bleeding! I had steak, new potatoes, squash and zucchini. I got my son a double cheeseburger with bacon and jalopenos and fries. Getting to eat that after his flat seemed to help. I've used uber eats myself a few times and not impressed so I'm just gonna stick to places that will deliver to me themselves. Delivery fee is cheaper and its much faster like Dominoes and olives pizza. Right now I'm waiting for a chicken sub and salad for me and two calzones for my son from crazy tomato. I looked kinda hot delivering today and other day in dress shirt and skort which looks like short skirt and I was wearing wedge heels or sandals showing off my long shapely legs. My feet were killing me after deliveries the other day. Not at all today. I need to get up and decide what to wear tomorrow. Reading a new book family of lies by Mary Monroe.
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Been busy
Posted:Jun 6, 2018 6:53 pm
Last Updated:Jun 8, 2018 2:47 pm

I've either been working day job and off night for vacation time, delivering or both. Last few days, I delivered were frustrating, with stupid gps looping me in circles, and me winding up in Plano and frisco, or stuck in traffic , because of construction everywhere. Barf. I feel a lot better though. Finally. Last time I saw j he surprised me by asking who's your daddy? And without hesitation, I said you are baby. He replied damn straight! Today I was laying down , on couch, reading when he came in, he did his normal greeting of get your ass up! Eye roll! He said he was gonna, take a shower, because he'd been on roofs all say sweating, so I got him a towel, then I came in here and stripped. About the time he was done I realized I mime as well take one too. He asked what? When I smiled, and I told him , and he asked why I didn't get in with him, and teased me about being scared to, then proceeded to, lay a hell of a hard swat, on my bare ass. Then laughed, and wanted to see the hand print , but said he felt bad after. He always contradicts himself. I said well now I didn't need to text him daddy come spank me, cuz now he's done it. He's all like you liked that didn't you? Dammit no! I like it when I'm in doggie position, being pounded, and spanked. It's a shock n a pleasure. So I took a shower, I come in, he's laying on his back naked. I dig out two toys, prongy vibe and giant real feel dildo, not knowing he already has the mini wand out. I felt good about being about to bend over and suck cock today, and he was playing with me, like I like it. Rubbing that wand up and down my clit, he found the spot, and I was like dang and laughing while I'm trying to suck cock because damn it feels good and I can't focus, then he added the dildo, and got me there some more with that, then he turned off wand and used bullet till I took it away, then I needed him inside me so I climbed right on. God I love sucking him, and hearing him moan, and feeling him grow, and get thick and hard, and running while he plays with me, while I suck him, then I love riding him. I was outta breath, this time before we were done, but damn I needed all of that. It was nice. Then he took another shower, because he had to go back to work, and didn't want to smell like sex lol. He was nice the whole time today except the ass smack. Tomorrow is gonna be a really long day with both jobs. Back to my book, keeping faith by Jodi picoult. It's interesting. It's about a kid that wasn't raised religious but God speaks to her, and she gets sores in her hands, they heal, she heals people, and her life turns into a circus. I'm about 3/4 way through it.
Posted:Jun 3, 2018 7:17 am
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2018 1:5 am

Posted:Jun 2, 2018 6:00 pm
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2018 1:5 am

Great visit -Houston
Posted:Jun 2, 2018 5:57 pm
Last Updated:Jun 3, 2018 7:18 am
I got to pose on a hot car. Check! I wasn't naked or half naked but good enough. My cousins brother kept us laughing. Me n my cousin went to take a pic n I said by the car and get brother says no its wrong unless you're losing draped across it. I said I'll pose on it. His wife just laughed and took pics.

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Took a nap got a surprise
Posted:Jun 1, 2018 6:57 pm
Last Updated:Jun 3, 2018 7:08 am

But more about that later! I did deliveries. Most in plano. Yuck. Visited mom who is finally out of the hospital and flipping out because her dog was recovering from surgery but relapsed into bad shape when she went into the hospital. My son was picking at me until he left but at least he isn't lifting me or sitting on me now. He told me to raise my arms to hug him then I got tickled to death as I fell for that and his fingers found my under arm tickle spot. Turd. Tomorrow he and I are going to Houston for day. My cousin invited her family over for a grill out. She keeps texting to ask what I eat or drink etc. Don't know if my son will hang around or go drive around. I laid down to take a nap. I opened my eyes and some was standing there. ared the shit outta me because I never heard a thing. J was here. He gently ooted me over to crawl in bed with me as I was feeling him to see what item of clothing was missing. Yep the good s. He was naked waste down. I started ing with him with his cock in my hand. I told him if he wanted to be sucked he'd have to stand and lean toward me as I was sure I couldn't do my normal bend over and suck position with ass in air but standing. He just started kissing my neck. Never does that. I took my shirt off after he took my pants and panties off. He started sucking my tits. He never does that either but it felt so damn good. Then he starts whacking my clit with his cock. I start ing with myself. He asked what I was doing I smiled and said I'm ing. Then he started fucking me. Then he finally moved into my favorite diagonal with him on top position just yum! When we were d I wiped off n laid back down. He was on floor yapping away and throwing things at me like my shirt. We had some odd conversation. He really knows how to get me riled up. I have no idea how we started talking about the bible and religion but he starts saying I'm going to hell and he'll be reading my name off. I told him he's not better than me. He said he was because I lie and fornicate with him myself and women. Fucking turd! Was squinching he calls it and pinching my thighs I call it and thumping my hands. Grrrr. I was saying he was not better than me as he fucked whoever and never married and stuck with and he's probably been with more people than me and that there is no way he doesn't Jack off. He says he doesn't do guys and doesn't jack off that's what I'm for so he is better and he goes to bedside church every night asking for forgiveness. I was raised religious so I had all kinds of arguments for that bullshit. Guess I'm just fun to rew with. We were talking about my family and their situation. He says when I come into he will marry me and take it over and go fishing and by me a cabana boy. Fucker. What the hell? Why can't he just shut the fuck up while he's ahead? Then he said he could be a gigilo for and give me full . I told him he wasn't capable of dates romance wining and dining etc. He said he was for the right price. Then he said me my best friend and him should have a some I said nope then he said OK then me my cousin n him and again I said nope. He left and I did another delivery it was after work traffic so took forever. I hate it when I go get food and its not ready and I have to wait forever for it too. They have a online pick up sign and I go to it but it never s or speeds things along. They did give me a free small drink though for waiting. Today was free doughnut day said the radio so I got a free doughnut at krispy kreme too. My back feels a lot better. Still some achy and tight by tail b but lots better. Think its gonna hurt to sit in car for 5 hr drive twice but my son said I should take my Dramamine and lay in back seat and I said and how do I get up roll into the floorboard? No. Pass. I can't sit straight up yet still. I roll in to a sit up position. I haven't seen my cousin in a while so it should be a great visit. We've always gotten along. My son says he'll sit in the car while I visit I'm like why but OK my cousin says her brother won't let him. It should be interesting.

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