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How to make me go wild
Posted:Mar 31, 2018 12:15 pm
Last Updated:Jun 16, 2018 7:38 am

I am absolutely against the idea of a quick hook-up. I have desires that a quickie would not satisfy. Being that I am looking for quality and NOT quantity, I thought it might be helpful if I listed my desires; wants and needs, as well as my boundaries. These are not rules or demands. Just letting you know how to turn me into the wild lay you always wanted. You do not have to share all of them, but some, or most would be nice:

* KISSING: Okay, it might be a bit backward, but I don’t like to kiss prior to foreplay. But during and after we can make out like teenagers.

* BLOW JOBS: I love giving head. It isn't just foreplay to me, and far beyond just getting him hard enough for penetration. I like guys to be shaved or well-trimmed, and of course CLEAN. I get passionate and lose myself in the act.

* DIRTY TALK: Gets me hot. It is sexy to me to tell a guy how much I like doing whatever I am doing or what I want him to do. I like hearing his voice telling me what he likes about me, what I am doing how I am doing, how I feel, what he wants to do to me, and especially coaching me on. I am NOT talking about degrading stuff like name calling ("bitch", "slut", etc).

* SPANKING: There is nothing that gets me hotter than spanking. I don't know why, but it gets me extremely hot. The more the better, just don't be trying to actually hurt me (no hitting) just make it sting a little.

* BREASTS: I love my breasts fondled and squeezed. Do not be surprised if I tell you to squeeze harder. Suck my nipples HARD. Just make out with them. I love the sound and the feel.

* MY ASS: Do NOT shy away from fondling my ass. I love my ass played with and I don’t think anything gets me hotter. Rub it, squeeze it, spank it… PLEASE SPANK IT (gets so hot)… tell me how much you want it. We’ll get to that more later

* HANDS: I love the feel of hands roaming all over my body. Don’t ever stop rubbing, fondling, squeezing, spanking, exploring my body. NO CHOKING OR HAIRPULLING; absolutely none.

* GOING DOWN ON ME: remember how hard I wanted you to suck my nipples? Show me no mercy with your lips and tongue. If I slam my legs together, pry them apart and force me to take it. Eat me like I am your last meal. If you ever wondered how hard a girl can cum, gently slide your finger (or my special toy) up my butt and go to town on my clit. Congratulations, you just transformed me into a sex-crazed animal.

* ANAL: It’s dangerous to admit this on here. So many guys will take it for granted. But IF (and only if) you know what you are doing, I do enjoy anal. O M G, the feeling of a guy pushing into me is H O T. If you did all of the above, I might even beg for it… Please MAKE me beg. Don't forget to rub my clit while you are giving it to me; it makes me cum soooooooooooooooo hard.

* CUM: I don’t especially like the taste (unless you are on a pineapple diet) and texture of a guy’s cum when it first comes out. I cannot stand a guy cumming inside my body, and I think creampies are disgusting. If you are going to cum while I am giving you head, be a gentleman and tell me. If you want to cum in my mouth, fine… Say so. I want you to cum and I want you to enjoy it. I do like how it feels running down my neck and chest, so I am going to let it drool out. If we have been fucking and you are going to cum, I would appreciate it if you would just flip me over or push me to my knees and let it loose between my breasts.

* FINISHING: Okay, you came, I came. We are NOT done. Don’t just jump off the bed and get dressed. Remember when I said I love to give head? Well, let me do it some more. If I can get you up again; well, we have more work to do. If not, well I like how I taste so it’s an opportunity to clean you up.

* POSITIONS: I like to straddle a man's lap when the fondling begins, he can get his hands all over me. I like to straddle a man and ride him so I can watch his face and he can suck my nipples (oh and get his hands all over me). I love doggie style, gives him things to do with his hands fingers and toys. Kneeling in front of him with my back pressed up against his chest is HOT. Not into missionary; I like hands too much and my husband has no desire to see a mans butt pumping between my knees. We are videoing this, and I want to be the center of attention, not your back.

* VIDEO: I love watching myself have sex, especially giving a nice passionate BJ. My husband sets up the cameras for me and repositions them when needed, but does NOT actually watch, so do NOT be scared. YES, YOU WILL GET A COPY. No, we will never show your face to somebody else, as I expect you will not show mine around.

* DISCRETION: If by some chance we run into each other at work or elsewhere, I don't mind you saying hi. But we "do not know each other sexually". That is how it needs to be played. If we hooked up and you want to hook up again, you know how to get a hold of me. Don't out me at my work (it has happened before).

* MY HUSBAND: No, no, NO. Don't even ask me to cheat. My husband is not going to interfere with anything, therefore there is no reason to cheat. He has seen me with other women. I have seen (and helped) him with other women. He has no problem seeing me with other men. HE WILL NOT JOIN IN if I am with a man. I even tried to get him to DP me (still an unfulfilled fantasy), and he was uncomfortable being that close to the other guy, so it did not happen. He is the straightest man I have ever met, so don't worry about (or expect) anything from him. He videos me, moves out of the way, adjusts cameras, back out. WE watch the videos together when we are alone
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The details about me
Posted:Jan 19, 2018 12:23 pm
Last Updated:Apr 19, 2018 6:12 pm


Okay, so I am a bit more open minded than a lot of women. I am not going to hide behind the outdated belief that women do not like sex. Most, if not all women like sex. Difference is that we like it to involve much more than vanilla penetration. Our whole body matters as well as our minds. We are all different and there is no instruction manual. Here's mine though:

I like sex to be somewhat intense. I am NOT talking about pain… I just really like my limits pushed/tested. I love every part of my body being rubbed, squeezed, fondled. Stimulate my mind by telling me what you are going to do and what I am doing to you. Suck my breasts hard enough to make my nipples numb. Squeeze and spank my ass until my cheeks turn red. Suck and rub my clit until my mind turns to jello. I like my body teased until I am begging you for more.

The more I am teased, the more I will want you ravage my body, and the hotter and more intense I get. Playing with my ass makes me incredibly hot. I love being spanked, rubbing, fingers, toys… If you don’t, I’ll do it myself; especially if you tell me to. If you know what you are doing, there is a good chance you will get to do more than with it. But, you have to be able to articulate that you know what you are doing.

I am a bit forward, and have no problem getting things started, but I do like to hand control over to the guy at some point. When I ask you what you are looking for, responding with "whatever" or "anything", then you are telling me that you do not know what you want. I don't mind pushing you toward my goals, but give me a goal to help me ensure you will leave my side totally spent and with a "WOW, she was hot" the next morning.

I absolutely, unquestionably, 100%, LOVE giving head. I especially like being down on my knees, with the guy standing over me, slap me with it, feed it to me while you tell me how you want it. I don't swallow, cum does not taste very good. If you are not comfortable with me making out with you after you cum, I suggest letting it go on my breasts.

Once you do finish, we are NOT finished. Let me get you up again… we are NOT done until we are both exhausted and you are no longer able to get it up.

Yeah, so I am rather wild in bed. That is why I am on this site. I am not looking to JUST be fucked. So, if you are here just to get a quick nut, I am NOT for you. I am going to ravage your cock, I am going to let you get rougher (again, NOT painfully) with me than you normally would. I expect you to ravage my body. Make me beg you to keep going; seduce every inch of my body until I am begging for all you got.

Here’s the catch… I love watching myself having sex.… So, let’s video it so I can watch over and over again. I promise I will not show anything that would identify you to others unless you specify otherwise, and I will give you a copy of our video with the understanding that you will not show my face on the internet. I am married, and my husband will be the filming us. He is totally straight and will NOT be participating in any way, due to an injury.

I do not have any hair on my body below my ears, and keep myself immaculately clean. You will love how soft and tender my thighs are… I do 😉

*Oh, and if you are a female, I will do everything you want me to and you are welcome to do as you wish (within reason). If you are part of a couple, I will let your husband do anything you let him do or you tell me to do to him.


* Your profile is complete. Guys outnumber women 100:1 on this site. If you have nothing to say about yourself and are afraid to put more than just a dick pic on your profile... well, think of it as shopping for something you can't see and has no description... would you buy it?

*You are not here to have sex with anybody, anywhere, anytime.

*You need to be clean, very clean. No diseases.

*Not overly hairy. If you have a hairy cock, you must at least trim it back. Hair in my face and teeth is just not my thing. If your balls are shaved… watch out; you will not be getting any rest.

*There is a such thing as being overly bulky/muscular. Whereas it isn’t a deal-breaker, I prefer thinner guys.

*I am 5’6” tall, be taller than me. Taller the better; I need you to be able to feel your hands roaming my body regardless of the position we are in (I like riding).

*You are younger or similar age as me

* You love eating pussy at least as much as I do (I am bisexual), and understand that you cannot lick or suck too hard

*As far as race preference goes, it doesn’t matter, but your skin is lighter than mine… something about the contrast of my skin against yours on video.

*You are polite, and can be politely assertive. You also like to talk dirty (not degrading) when telling me what you want and what you are going to do to me.

*You have the decency to show me a full-body picture rather than assuming all I want to see is a close-up picture of a random dick (you all have one ).

*You are NOT going to “out” me in front of my friends or coworkers if you run into me in public.

*You are honest and not playing games. If we decide to meet, you will show up.

*You want to fuck me til I am begging for more and until I neither of us has anything left.


Just want to make it clear. I have a deep desire for other women, nothing I wont do for her. Nothing I wont let her husband do to me if SHE wants him to. NOTHING especially while I am face down between her legs
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HOW TO SUCEED ON Adult Chatroulette
Posted:Dec 7, 2017 4:38 pm
Last Updated:Jun 16, 2018 7:38 am
I am going to throw this in at the beginning, because I think it's key in MY hunt: When I ask what YOU like or want or what YOU want to do it is because I honestly want to do something we both like, and gives me a goal to work toward (even if I have to guide it).

So most of you guys make it so hard for us women to want to meet you. Thing is, I am actually of those who wants to meet some FOR SEX. Yeah, that's right, and to put it in the terms I see most guys put it on here: I want to fuck... In actuality, all women like to get laid. So why aren't you successful here? Well, it's because most of you offer EXACTLY the same thing. If I all we wanted was a quickie, then all we need to do is spend 5 minutes in a bar and just tell some "let's go" and he would. Fact is we want more than penetrated. I am putting up thes links to other's blogs to maybe get you in the right direction. WE want you to be successful, because WE want to get laid too. So, read these blogs. THEN COME AT US.

HOW TO GET LAID on This Site

Guys, listen up Tips and tricks on HOW to 'score' on AFF

Guest Post How to send effective email on AFF

A Guide On How To Be Successful With Women For Men By Women

The rules the first draft

[post 3607271]

[post 3610183]

MEMO To Men 11 to 1 ratio how do ya like dem apples

Keeping it Discrete
Posted:Nov 9, 2017 8:16 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2018 9:18 am

I think it is a given assumption that if you hook up with someone from here, that you will keep it private.

Recently, I had a VERY short hook-up with an extremely attractive guy several months ago, who I will call... Will;. I say short because the foreplay was good enough that he couldn't get it up again for penetration after, so had to resort to toys.

Now I work with a lot of people in a very professional environment. My coworkers know me as a friendly, church-going, goody-two-shoes. EVERYBODY in my organization knows my husband, as he has probably inspected every department in my organization.

So Will hand a need to use the organization where I work and ran into me doing my job. Okay, fine. Be cool. But no, not Will. He blurts out, loud enough for everyone adjacent to my workspace, to include my supervisor: "Hey, when can we get together, I need another blowjob". O-M-G!!!!!

What the hell are people thinking? Even if I were single. Even if I came to work everyday looking and acting like a slut, THIS WOULD STILL NOT BE OKAY. Could he now just slip me a note with his new phone# and keep it quiet?

Luckily my supervisor thought it was a case of sexual harassment and pulled him aside and assigned Will to a different facility for this type of visit, along with a warning that I could ruin Will's career after that if I so wanted to (member of the military sexually harassing a military civilian is B-A-D).

I was tempted to have my husband to publish the video (he was there) publicly somehow, with Will moaning like a bitch when I made him cum all over himself rather than take it in my mouth. But no. Even with this much disrespect he showed toward me, I cannot do such a thing. But will never let him back into my bed; EVER again, because of this.

So guys, first and foremost, be a gentleman. Have some class. Respect peoples right to privacy. We are not whores. Most of us have careers. Many of us have families.

So, if someone I am potentially going to date reads this (It would be a miracle), here's my rules, and if you cannot comply... we are NOT happening.

* If you know me somehow when we meet... you are here too.

* If we hook up, does not mean if we run into each other somewhere, there is any obligation to acknowledge you.

* I expect that if we do run into each other, there will be no smirks, winks, flirts or any other contact beyond "hi".

* If you want another date with me, email me here (or the alt email I give you). DO NOT ask me for a date in person, especially in public.

* DO NOT ask me if I can talk to you in private. There will never be anything one on one, or in private between us except over the phone, and DEFINATELY NOT while I am at work.
I want to get laid. Do you?
Posted:Jul 16, 2017 10:32 pm
Last Updated:Mar 31, 2018 12:16 pm
Getting laid "tonight" was never my intention when I joined this site. I like to get to know somebody 1st. The time it takes to get comfortable that this potential playmate meets my standards and needs, takes time. It might be a couple of days, it may take weeks or months, depending on how open you are to my requests. Plus I only have one certain day of the week that I am open for extra fun. Family, friends, work, etc. all need to come first, and I need a potential partner to be empathetic about that.

It is true that the ratio of men to women on this site is way in favor of women, but that does not mean I am going out to find out how much I can get. Do you really want to be with a woman who is getting laid by a different man every night? My average is once every two years. Seems that most men on this site just want some quickie hump-n-run that I am absolutely not interested in. Just as you do not want to be with a woman who sleeps with everybody, I do not want a man who would have sex with just anybody. If I chose to have sex with you, it is going to be a long, sensual, passionate, mutually satisfying time. I am going after everything, and I am giving you my entire body, not just a hole.

Now, to be clear; if I emailed you more than once, I am interested in getting to know you. How do I get to know you if all you do is send me a picture of your dick? How do I get to know you if when I ask “what do you like” and your answer is simply “anything” or “I like to fuck” (you would be amazed at the shallow emails us girls get—yes, we talk). Why, when I ask for a full-body nude, I get a pic with a dick in the foreground? How difficult is it to take off your shirt, drop you pants, stand in front of a mirror and snap a pic with your cell phone. There are plenty of aps that can edit out your tattoos and your face to protect your identity. If we had sex, I’m going to see it all anyway; I am going to be in full-body contact with you, probably in several positions. So why is it so hard to show me what I am going to be getting, rather than just a dick? How embarrassed will you be when we meet and I say “no thanks”?

I go through a whole lot of preparing for a play date; more make up than usual, FOR YOU. I scrub and clean my entire body thoroughly FOR YOU. I apply body oils to make my skin soft and silky FOR YOU. I dress seductively and enticing (and a bit slutty) FOR YOU. The entire regiment that I go through before I meet you, is FOR YOU. I prepare my mind and every inch of my body for the sole purpose of enticing you to peel off my clothes and ravish me. All the while, I am running thoughts through my head of all the depravity we are going to be doing to each other. I am as nervous as you are, maybe more. Why would you put such extreme pressure on me just to have to reject you when we actually meet; simply because you would not share a good pic of yourself or let me get to know you?

If I am trying to get to know you, I am trying to decide if I am going to have sex with you. I am not here for endless emails, nor am I here to lead guys on just for kicks (I think some girls are). I want to have sex. If I feel that you are being cryptic or secretive, that you are sending pics at weird angles or extreme close-ups to mislead me; if I feel that all you want is a hole to put your dick into because you won’t or cannot tell me what you like, then why would I want to hook-up with you?

IF I lower my standards (and I won't); IF I was open to running out the door to meat anyone who wants "right now"; IF my life revolved around getting quantity rather than quality, then I guess there would be a new career in my future. But no. That is not me, and never will be.

Please don’t ask me to be something I am not. I am going to give you my body. I am going to let you ravish me. I am going to taste you, and you me. I am going to look you in the eye as you feel my flesh tighten around yours. Relish in the idea that you are one of the few. I will do all I can to make you remember my passion.


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