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what I really want
Posted:Aug 4, 2018 12:07 pm
Last Updated:Dec 13, 2018 6:55 am

So, in my profile, I mention that I like intense sex. My husband mentioned that if a man or woman didn't know me, then they wouldn't know what I mean, so I going to explain it here. But first, some definitions as I see them (my opinion only):

1) Vanilla sex is just a date where we get lucky. Some fondling, some kissing, clothes come off, then penetration, then it's over. It's just instant gratification, something that happens spontaneously and often leads to a relationship or part of one.

2) Love making is vanilla, but with somebody you have a relationship with. Add the perks of some light oral (mutual) and an emotional or "chemistry" connection.

3) Then there is the unsatisfying, wish last night never happened kind of sex with someone you do not want to meet again. On Adult Chatroulette, it seems that most men are actually looking for clothes off, fucking, then back on the road. This is definitely NOT what I want, and won't do. It seems that this kind of sex should involve payment of some sort. Since I not a prostitute, I definitely do NOT want that kind of sex. This is the kind of thing I expect from someone who initiates on here with "let's fuck" (which I usually delete without a response).I can have vanilla sex all I want. In fact, if any woman wants #3 above, she just needs to walk in a bar/club and say so. That is NOT me.

I here to get past the vanilla,. I used to be very vanilla. Ever since a lesbian first seduced me about 15 ago(I will write about that on here sometime), I have been beyond vanilla. She turned me out enough that I carved and sought out more girl-on-girl sex. These women taught me so much about my sexuality:

Cock worshiping (essential) prefer shaved cock and balls
Prostate massage during head (if he tells me to)
Cunnilingus (essential) (consensual "forced" consent a big plus)
Forced Orgasm (receiving)
Being spanked and lots of it (open hand)
Ass (receiving) (toys, fingers,) *
Biting (receiving -- breasts, legs, butt... NO marks)
Dirty talk (especially when I sucking cock)
SubFem TO WOMEN (not men)
Strap-ons WOMEN only (receiving or giving as requested)
Coaching.. I like being coached by men, not dommed
Consensual non-consent from WOMEN to include strapons (anal)
Cuffs/restraints (VERY curious about)
DP/GB (Very curious about and a goal/fantasy)
Ass seduction (don't know if this is a thing, but make me beg)
Anal (If you work my pussy out first)
Tittie-fucking (this is how it should all end, make it messy)
Deepthroat instruction (kinda falls in with coaching)

*Being rimmed is just outside my boundaries but it feels so good... some lines are meant to be crossed I guess. Just give me a warning.

NO Way:
Anything involving blood, scat or piss
Anything involving children, even just pretending
Hair pulling ( I wear wigs for sex )
Humiliation (spitting, face slapping, degrading name calling)
Asphyxiation (including SUSTAINED forced Deepthroat)

***Just remember, EVERYTHING starts soft and sensual, but builds as the passion increases. I ride HARD
My first lesbian experience
Posted:Aug 5, 2018 10:20 am
Last Updated:Oct 23, 2018 7:23 am

I married a man who is obsessed with eating pussy, and I loved kissing him after he went down on me. I know it sounds kind of self-interest, but I was curious how I looked while orgasming (he was awesome). I started watching lesbian porn and was amazed of how sexy it looked and began to wonder what it would be like to have a girl go down on me. I also like to dance. I learned that there was a club on Hickam AFB that a lot of girls go to and there isn't much pressure from guys. So, I shared this info with my husband and he agreed as long as I checked back with him frequently.

So I went to this club wearing a long, thin dress and began dancing by myself. After about an hour, this girl kept brushing against me. There was a big mirror-wall on one side of the dance floor, so I made my way over there so I could watch myself. She made her way near me and I saw her checking me out now and then. She was watching my ass hard. She started dancing with me, occasionally running her hand up the back of my thigh. My style of dance is close to the dirty dancing thing, so It didn't phase me, so I actually thought nothing of it when she started dancing against my back and I started pushing my ass against her. It wasn't long before I realized she was fondling my ass and breasts which scared me a bit. I went to sit down and have a drink.

She came over too me and asked if she scared me and assured me it was just a dance, and we had a couple of drinks together and danced a few times more innocently. I eventually lost track of her and just danced by myself for awhile. I did see her talking on the phone later, making angry gestures. Later she came up to me and told me she needs to get home and her friend cannot come get her. After learning that she lived on the way home, I offered to drop her off.

*************to be continued**************

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